The Mini Wedding Cake

The era of the traditional wedding cake was a long and proud time, but now it is time to move over for the next most significant trend of weddings. The mini wedding cake is something which is taking the wedding industry by storm and is rapidly growing in popularity and prominence. We’re going to be taking a look at this trend, and checking out all of the unique options available. All of the beautiful cakes and images have been provided by the amazing Cakes By Yolk (check them out!)

So, Mini Wedding Cakes? Now, this might confuse some of you. Why would you go from having a big wedding cake to having a smaller one? It doesn’t make a lot of sense on the surface, but when you explore the concept, it gets to be a very interesting way of handling your wedding cake. Mini wedding cakes are a good idea because they’re different, which helps for people who are trying to have a more unique style wedding. However, you will find that it goes beyond the need for unique vintage wedding styles, and instead offers a fun way to enjoy the wedding cake. A mini wedding cake is something which offers more of a design choice than larger ones. For a lot of people, the traditional multiple tier wedding cake is something which isn’t an appealing thought. It is a very traditional way of providing the cake to all of your guests and yourself but isn’t always something which everyone can get behind.

This is where the mini wedding cakes do stand out much more. They’re smaller and they can also be personalised to suit the tastes of each guest, which makes them beautiful ideas for gifts for your wedding, as you could easily put a name onto each cake.

If you are going for a traditional wedding but with a bit of flare, why not combine a tiered-cake with miniature versions of itself (see above)

You’ll find that miniature wedding cakes are good for smaller and less formal weddings also, which is what some people prefer. Not everyone wants a formal and large wedding, as some people will prefer an intimate gathering of people, and so their wedding cake should reflect this preference. Mini wedding cakes are a trend which is picking up speed in 2017 and seems to be heading into 2018 with no signs of stopping. It’s a cool and unique way of having wedding cakes without the formality, but there’s nothing to say that they can’t be used as wedding cakes for a conventional wedding. The bottom line is that the mini wedding cakes are for those people who do not want to use a standard wedding cake and would also prefer doing something different for their guests.

A mini wedding cake can come in all shapes and sizes, from a smaller tier wedding cake to something like a selection of cupcakes, all of which have been handmade and personalised to suit the wedding at hand.

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