The Power of Instagram

Instagram can be a very powerful tool for a business to use. In a world of social media and easy connections with people, there’s no limit to what a smaller business can do in the way of advertising. We’re going to be taking a look at the power of Instagram, and what it can do for you.

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Advertising On A Bigger Scale Than Before Despite the initial usage and original audience of the application, Instagram has grown to include more than just the current generation of teens with phones in their hands 24/7. Instagram now has a multitude of companies, age groups and individuals using it, and they’re all as receptive to ideas and posts as they are to posting them. Let’s say you were a company or a business that specialised in the vintage wedding. You could post photos of wedding decorations that fitted in with your area of expertise, pictures of 2018 weddings that you’d helped to create, and many other photos relevant to your business. They wouldn’t just be seen by a few people anymore. The usage of hashtags links together people with topics and themes, and means that people who’d never heard of you but were considering a vintage wedding could then find you and utilise your services.

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Visuals Are Often More Engaging One of the leading powers of Instagram for a smaller business is the nature of the app itself. Instagram has always been a particular type of social media, with images being the focus instead of words. In modern society, this is something which is very highly prized. The ability to create images that showcase your business quickly and efficiently is a far superior tool for business than trying to write a paragraph explaining your vintage wedding ideas. An image is something which people engage with and are more prepared to interact with, in contrast to a long paragraph or speech which requires time, effort and concentration to listen to. Instagram is an effective way for people to promote a business or commodity because it is a compressed and easy to understand way to communicate information, offers, updates and other opportunities. For a smaller company, this is a fantastic way to promote themselves and seem engaged with an audience, while still communicating in a way that gets them noticed. These are just a few of the different kinds of features which make Instagram a powerful tool for the small business to utilise. Being able to upload content that engages with a huge audience quickly is one of the best ways for a modern business to get ahead. Social media is a huge and valuable resource for people to utilise when it comes to promotion and advertisement. You can connect with thousands of people with a few well-placed hashtags, showcase ideas and concepts with ease, and provide a streamlined way for information to be put across and assimilated by the public.

Research other successful companies that are similar to yours. What hashtags are they using?

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