Planning a Wedding Menu in 2020

Planning a Wedding Menu in 2020

Now, while we hate to admit it, the world has got a bit food-obsessed. While this might sound like a great thing when you are planning an event where everyone gets to eat for free, it is actually a potential headache in the making. Firstly, you have to decide on whether you are having a sit-down meal or a buffet and then you have to cope with the new millennial food options of vegan, gluten-free, intolerance to dairy, nuts, shellfish and more. Before you run screaming at the thought of pleasing everyone, let’s have a look at the most common options and how you can cater to everyone without adding a heap of stress and pricing yourself out of the market. Take your time on deciding which approach will be best for you, and remember I am more than happy to share my views on what might work well.

Sit Down Formal Meal Style

Now, this is the most traditional way to cater to your guests, but it can be one of the more restrictive. A catering company, whether that is external or part of the venue, will usually offer two or three options, and three courses. So, three starters, three mains and three sweets, which does give you some scope, one could be a vegan option, one a fish option and one a traditional meat option. It is customary to request the choices in advance, so you can add a request that anyone who feels they are not catered to can let you know at the same time.

Sit Down Family Meal Style

Giving your guests access to eat what they want; a family-style sit-down menu could be an option. You will be served trays of food, say roast potatoes and veg, etc., and people can help themselves. This can be combined with the formal serving of a plate containing the meat or meat substitute so you would still need to know in advance how many of each option is required. This potentially adds to paying for food that isn’t eaten, and there is no way of controlling what is eaten or left, but for some people, it takes the pressure off handing back a plate of food they didn’t really want.

Buffet Style

This has become a popular option over the last few years as it allows for a wide range of dietary needs. Still, with intolerance and allergens, you will need to ensure your caterer labels everything accurately. It is less formal and means that a seating plan is almost null and void as people have a habit of wandering around, but for many people, it can work well. It is usually a cheaper option, and you can have plenty of options making those who have different dietary requirements feel at ease and not anxious about choosing what they can eat. You will need to keep a modicum of organisation in place to get things like speeches done, but it is a nice way for guests to mingle more at catch up with old friends or family they have not seen for a while.

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