Flowers: Real or Silk?

March 2, 2020


When you are planning a wedding, the flower conundrum is going to pop up at some stage, whether you just want bouquets for the bride and her party, or whether you also need to decorate the venue it can be hard to know what is best. Should you have fresh flowers, and do artificial flowers look tacky? I have spent a lot of time working with both, and these are the conclusions I have drawn.


Of course, I understand the appeal of real flowers, they are beautiful, and with so many colours on offer, you can create any look you fancy.  Real flowers do last for a few days afterwards, and you can encourage guests to take up the centrepiece as a memento should you wish to do so. 


Artificial flowers have come on in leaps and bounds over the years, and now there is so much care and attention given to the higher quality ones you would hardly know they are not the real deal. A wedding company can also facilitate the hire of silk flowers, and once the day is over, they can go back, job done. This means there is no waste, which is better for the environment. And don't forget the carbon footprint of real flowers: Many fresh flowers are imported to the UK. Silk flowers can be used over and over, reducing the demand for imported goods. With so many stunning silk flowers on offer you can also go for the half and half approach and perhaps decorate the venue and tables with artificial flowers that match the real flowers used in the bouquet.


While there are ways to dry a bouquet or some of the flowers from it, a real posy will fade over a few days. An artificial design can be kept forever and serves as a lasting reminder of your magical day. If you want to use the floral decorations as a tribute and take them to be with your loved ones, then, of course, you can purchase rather than hire, and again you could do a bit of both, so you are not left with a heap of artificial flowers. That said there is a growing trend towards a more sustainable approach to weddings. You will often see various decor items being sold on, which of course not only fits the 'recycle and reuse' concept but saves you money which could be better spent on something else to enhance the day.


So, my view is that artificial flowers are a very worthwhile consideration and offer lots of versatility, while real flowers can also play their part and contribute to the day.



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