Planning A Wedding On Lockdown

The current climate really is no fun, sadly people have had their wedding cancelled, and others are left wondering what will happen and how long before they will know if they can go ahead as planned. There is no doubt this is a particularly stressful time, which is why you should keep planning, ready for when you can actually start implementing for your big day. Everyone is locked down unless they are key workers, and this can be incredibly unnerving, and leave you feeling lost and alone. So, we have put together a short guide to planning a wedding when you can’t actually leave the house.

The Internet is a massive resource and will give you plenty of scope to find precisely what you are looking for. Many wedding suppliers will be more then happy to work with you at this time over the Internet, using email, Skype and more to help you find exactly what you need when the day is finally here. Pinterest has a vast collection of wedding theme ideas, so have a good look through but perhaps put your own slant on what you find.

Create a Mood Board

There are plenty of apps available to help you create a mood board where you can pin together all of your ideas into one place. Pinterest is the obvious one, but for creating your own template we like the simplicity of Plotboard. Collect images of colour, flowers, dresses, anything that relates to your wedding you could even make more than one mood board. Create a whole series detailing the food, the colour scheme, the outfits, the transport, the venues and more.

Ask for Images

Wedding supplier have a huge load of resources for you to choose from, and just because you can’t physically see them, for now, doesn’t mean you can’t ask for pictures. We are more than happy to send you images from our collections where possible so that you can have a good look around. We also have images from past weddings which we can share so that you can see how a completed look might work for you.

The bottom line in all of this is to try and stay positive. We are all in this together, and as hard as this is, we will get through and out the other side. Keep talking, keep laughing, and stay safe.

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