Wedding Favours

Find your wedding favour inspiration with these great ideas

Guests are incredibly important for any wedding celebration. They bring laughter, love and fun to the entire day and will usually be made up of some of your most favourite people in the world.

Being able to attend your wedding is a great treat for all wedding guests, however, you can treat them even better and make sure that they have a memento that they can take home with them at the end of the day.

These are known as wedding favours and are your chance to have some fun and give your guests something special too.

Wedding favours come in all shapes and sizes and you can make them personal to you both as a couple, usually fitting in with the overall theme of your wedding. Stuck on ideas for what to include as your wedding favours? Here is our top inspiration guide to help you.

Something to keep

Many of the wedding favours that couples offer their guests are things that they can take home with them. There are so many amazing ideas for takeaway gifts, from the more vintage idea of dried flowers in a jar, to their very own teacup. You could also make the favour a lot more personal. This could be a magnet with the date and your names on, which they can then display at home, or perhaps a photo frame or something similar.

Something to grow

Another popular idea when it comes to wedding favours of late, is offering your guests a greener fingered treat. This could come in the form of a more decorative succulent (believe it or not cacti can be colourful and beautiful) or perhaps a seed packet that they can then take home and plant. The great thing about this is that it is easy enough to do and they get a present that will last for several years.

Something to eat

Think that your guests would love a treat that they can enjoy there and then? If you do then you might want to consider theming your wedding favour around food. Sweets, bread, cookies and cakes have all featured on the list of edible wedding favours, which is great because they can be enjoyed by all ages.

Something to drink

If you want to appeal to the older guests at your wedding, then you may want to think about offering them something to drink as a wedding favour. We love the idea of making homemade sloe gin and then packaging it in beautiful little bottles for every guest. Of course, if you are not sure that you are able to make anything that tastes good, then you could always just distil something delicious from larger bottles.

As you can see, there are plenty of great choices when it comes to your wedding favours. Think about not only which favours are going to fit in with the overall theme of your big day, but also what things you are guests are going to love too. If you get the balance right, then you are sure to find the perfect memory of your special day.

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