How to plan for a rainy wedding day

If you have looked out of the window this weekend, then chances are that you will have seen the rain that doesn’t seem to have stopped at all. Whilst it may not be too much of a problem if you can cuddle up at home, close the curtains and pretend it isn’t happening. What happens when the rain is set to spoil the best day of your life?

Everyone likes to think that their wedding day is going to be blessed with sunshine, and whilst this may be largely true for most couples, it isn’t always guaranteed when you live in the UK. So, does this mean that you have to completely give up on all your wedding plans and resign yourself to a miserable day?

We don’t think so, in fact, we have put together our guide on not only how to prepare and plan for a rainy wedding day, but also to have the best wedding day ever. Despite the weather.

Always plan for rain

It might sound a little pessimistic, but the truth is, when it comes to wedding planning it is better to think of all the eventualities rather than being surprised by them happening. This means that even if there isn’t that much of a chance of there being rain on your big day, you should consider it a certainty and make sure you have plans in place.

Speak to your suppliers

Another important thing to do is to speak to your suppliers, particularly those that may be working outside with you, to see what their plans are. Your wedding photographer is an important one to think about, as they will be responsible for taking your photos and much of these are outside and may need to have a re-think.

Protect your guests

No-one likes getting wet, especially when they have dressed up and maybe spent out a lot on their outfit/hair/shoes etc. This means that it is important that you protect your guests from the rain. Give them out umbrellas that they can use during an outdoor parts of your big day, or, if you can afford it and you have the time to arrange hire a covered walkway or tent for outside, which can they can seek shelter in when they need to be outside.

Embrace it

Of course, rain might be somewhat of a pain on your wedding day, but this doesn’t mean that it will ruin the day entirely. In fact, it is down to you to embrace it and still have an amazing time. You might be able to use the rain to create a warm and inviting atmosphere inside your wedding venue, bringing your guests together. Or, you may use it to take some rather amazing photos that you can treasure forever.

One thing is for sure, no matter the weather, when you are celebrating your love, there is absolutely nothing that can put a dampener on things.

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