Winter Wedding Vibes: Inspiration for Festive Weddings

Are you dreaming of the perfect winter fairy tale wedding? Do you want those wonderful winter wedding vibes reverberating throughout your wedding venue? In this article we will highlight inspirational winter wedding ideas to help make your day the perfect wedding day experience.

If you want to get married in winter, this experience will bring together a range of different wintry associations. These will range from the most common experience, Christmas time, to other wedding themes that incorporate solstice to the New Year. This period of the year is a magical time and one that can help bring out the unique in any wedding scenario.

If you and your partner love Christmas and/or the winter months, perhaps you could incorporate the essence of winter into your wedding plans. Let’s explore how we can get those winter vibes in your dream wedding. Let’s find out how you can use props to help make your venue into a winter wonderland!

Festive Drinks For Happy Wedding Guests

There are so many great ways you can enjoy that winter wedding vibe without the frostbite. One of the best ways is to ditch the Pimm’s or Prosecco in favour of winter evening favourites, like hot toddy or mulled wine. You can bring that festive cheery Christmas market vibe, and aroma, to your wedding by having a drink station.

At One Splendid Day we can provide your winter wedding with a uniquely designed winter drinks station that will keep your guests both wowed and warm at the same time. We have a range of unique and chic dispensing props – from glass bottles to Kilner dispensers, quirky crystal items and weighing scales and glass bottles that can give you that vintage winter familiarity.

Wintry Lighting Ideas

When considering lighting ideas for the ideal winter wedding experience, you need to think about a range of factors. This is above all about understanding ambient lighting and what you want the lighting to achieve.

We have just added gorgeous glass pillar candle holders and also brass & glass geometric lanterns to the stock list (pics coming soon!) We've got loads of LED Church Candles and also Traditional Steel Lanterns with Church Candles as well as a large collection of brass candlesticks– whether you want the aroma of traditional church candles or the predictability and safety of LED church candles, both options can conjure the right lighting experience for your perfect winter wedding venue setup.

The Photo Station – A Prop That’s Great for any Wedding

By having a photo station, you can bring your new family together through fun and informal photography displays. At One Splendid Day, we understand the importance of this prop and we have curated a rather unique take on this much-vaunted wedding experience. We have two Fuji Instax Mini 70 cameras and a can create different displays that will suit any wedding venue. You can create a unique space that allows your guests to take selfies and to sign the guestbook – allowing you to remember forever your wonderful wintry wedding day.

Any area that we style can have a wintry look. For example, using foliage garlands and pine cones along with fairy lights will just give it that festive feel. Get in touch today!

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